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Group of 14 Moroccans including 11 women reach Everest Base Camp

Written by FDM

A group of 11 women has taken up the challenge to participate in the Everest trek as part of the first expedition of 14 people from Moroccan civil society in Nepal to Everest base camp located in 5365 meters above sea level.

The group of trekkers arrived at the base of Mount Everest on Sunday, April 22, as can be seen in the photos posted by Yasmina Sitail on her Facebook page.

The Final destination ! 5365 m Everest Base Camp. We did it. An amazing journey with smart and beautiful people.Special…

Publiée par Yasmina Sitail sur dimanche 22 avril 2018

Yasmina Sitail, the initiator of #moroccanwomentalk, Zhor Kabbaj, General Manager of SoftGroup Immobilier, doctor Seloua Bouhlal, Siham Bensari, landscape architect, Meryem Alaoui Kacimi, optician; Zeineb Alaoui Kacimi, who participated in the Kilimanjaro ascent in 2017, Asmaa Chraibi, architect and finally, Nora Ibn Abdeljalil, Yasmina Amor, Latifa Jabri and Dounia Lahrichi. These are the 11 reckless women, according to Plurielle, who come from various professional backgrounds and who represent the fearless spirit of Moroccan women ready to overcome any challenge.

Although the team is predominantly female-only, there were 3 men who took part in this adventure. Among them was Nacer Ibn Abdeljalil, a Moroccan legend of mountaineering and the first Moroccan to climb Everest, Abdelatif Kabbaj and Othmane Jabri, Vice President of M&A and Development at Kingdom Hotel Investments.