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Golf: Moroccan Lina Belmati Wins Mohammedia Grand Prix 

Written by FDM

Moroccan golfer Lina Belmati won the Mohammedia Grand Prix, held from 26 to 28 by the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation (FRMG), under the aegis of the R&A of St-Andrews.

The young Moroccan woman who is a member of the Royal Golf Dar Es-Salam Club of Rabat, won by scoring 227 shots at the end of the three days competition, thus surpassing Leïla Marquet, from Tazegzout club (247 shots), and Nada Lahssini, Oued Fes club (252 shots).

These are nice results for this champion who has other victories to her account, like winning the Grand Prix of Agadir  last December, outdoing the two Scottish, Hannah McWilliam and Hannah McCook.

On the men’s side, it was Scotland’s Darren Howie who came in top of the tournament with 215 shots on his account. A total of 100 participants played at the Mohammedia Grand Prix, which is the second of three Grand Prix after Rabat, organized by the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation, under the aegis of R&A of St-Andrews.