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Gigi Hadid reacts to Islamophobic tweet after New York terror attack

Written by FDM

There are some things that supermodel Gigi Hadid do not stand. Racism and hatred are some of them.

On Twitter , the 22-year-old star did not hesitate to answer Laura Loomer, well-known American right-wing political activist.  This  self proclaimed “proud Islamophobe” shared a series of tweets unveiling her deep hatred for all Muslims – especially those residing in the US after news broke of a terror attack in New York City.

And went on and on and on…

It didn’t take long for Gigi to respond to Loomer’s irrational tweets by saying:

Her response was hailed by so many netizens:

This is not the first time that the star of Palestinian decent stands up for Muslims. In January 2017, she marched to protest against the actions of Donald Trump together with her mother and sister Bella. In an interview published in April 2017, Gigi also told the magazine “Teen Vogue” that she was proud to be Muslim recalling her father “He was always very religious and always prayed with us.”