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Ghizlane Agzenaï’s universe of forms at Galerie 38 within Hyatt Regency Hotel

Written by FDM

From November 19 to December 19, La Galerie 38 and the Hyatt Regency Hotel invite you to discover the second solo exhibition by artist Ghizlane Agzenaï.

Entirely created during a lockdown full of challenges for the artist, the “EMERGE ” exhibition displays new facets of Ghizlane Agzenaï’s inspiration and the possibilities concealed in her urban and colorful universe. It was entirely designed to inaugurate the new exhibition space of La Galerie 38 hosted within the Hyatt Regency hotel.

For her second solo show, the artist pushes the abstraction even further by playing and thwarting our retinal perceptions. Exploring more of the possibilities offered by graphic modernism, Ghizlane’s new series is available between large “Supernova” totems with virtuosity and a multiplied format, as well as two new series of Totems, one on canvas, and another carved on wood. For the first time, she will also expose a video, in collaboration with artist SergiVic, entirely created in motion design.

Among Guizlane’s monumental achievements, she worked on the facade of the Mohammed VI Museum, for the Jidar Festival in 2018, then she returned to Rabat as part of the city’s first Biennial in 2019 which also featured Futura 2000 as a headliner. In Spain, and after Le Mur d’Oberkampf in Paris in 2018, it was in Vigo in 2019 that she let her virtuosity express itself during the urban festival “Vigo, Ciudad de Color”.