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Ghizlane Agzenai Unveils Geometrical Universe, ‘Totem’, at Galerie 38

Written by FDM

Ghizlane Agzenai disclosed, on March 21, her universe of geometric shapes marked by a communicative optimism.  Titled “Totem”, this colorful exhibition is exposed at Galerie 38, urban section until April  21.

Having been immersed in the world of graphics and design, Ghizlane Agzenai has always had a keen aesthetic sense. This young artist has developed throughout her career a taste for modern graphics: tags, graffiti, comics, video games, etc. It was under this influence that she became passionate about art, and in particular urban art, an actual laboratory of visual creation.

Her works, which she dubbed “Totem” in reference to benevolent objects, have previously adorned the facade of the Mohammed VI Museum in Rabat, the Oberkampf wall in Paris and several spaces in Barcelona, Spain, and Linz, Austria.

As an enthusiast of geometric abstraction, Ghizlane Agzenai uses contrasting shapes and colors, arranged in flat areas, but sometimes in sculptured ones to play with the audiences’ perception. Inspired by the spaces, the artist manipulates both the image and the arrangement of the object, so that her audience observes, analyzes, and becomes, so to speak, an actor of her works

From March 21, until April 21, ‘Totem’ will be exposed at Galerie 38: Route d’Azemmour, Casablanca.