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Ghizlaine Chraibi Reveals Her True Self in Exhibition “From human to being”

Written by FDM

Author, painter, and psychotherapist Ghizlaine Chraibi presents her exhibition “From human to being” at Artem Gallery in Casablanca. To discover until March 30, 2021.

Ghizlaine Chraibi offers a unique exhibition which presents, until March 30 at Artem Gallery, “From human to being”. On the walls, her canvases, and paintings, “faces without gaze, shadows, presences, anchored or liquefied. Spaces from which we have just left. Territories that we leave. Volumes waiting to be lived in. Bodies. Going. Coming. Couples in the making. Or not. Bodies waiting. Who expect. Who expect better, maybe… ”, as the artist who has been painting for 25 years presents it.

Ghizlaine Chraibi thus makes us discover her universe. And to better understand it, she has equipped it with audios available to visitors by scanning QR codes near certain works with their smartphone. These listenings are selected passages from her novels, in particular, “Un amour fractal”, “L’Etreinte des chenilles” and “Un jour la nuit”. Read by the author herself. On the backdrop, jazzy sounds “often listened to by the artist to immerse in her paintings”. Don’t miss this invitation to travel!