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Ghizlaine Chraibi is the godmother of the Marrakech book festival

Written by FDM

 For its fourth edition, the book festival of Marrakech chose the author and psychotherapist Ghizlaine Chraibias godmother. At her side, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor as a sponsor. From March 29 to 31, the ocher city hosts 70 French, Arabic and Amazigh speaking feathers, including Sophia Tazi and Valérie Trierweiler.

The Marrakech Book Festival honors women by inviting an array of writers from March 29 to 31 for its fourth edition. The first, the godmother, psychotherapist Ghizlaine Chraibi, author of “L’Étreinte des Chenilles” and “Un Amour fractal”.

Other guests of honor, is the French-Moroccan writer and journalist, Lamia Berrada-Berca, author of seven novels published since 2010 including “Kant et la petite robe rouge”. At her side, David Foenkinos known for his novel ” Les Souvenirs”, ” Nos Séparations “, “La Délicatesse” or “Deux sœurs”.

Among the women writers programmed, there are: Valérie Trierweiler, political journalist and author of “Merci pour ce moment” and “Le secret d’Adèle”, Sophia Tazi, author of “Interprétation des yoga sutra-s de Patanjali”, Halima Hamdane, author “L’homme qui voulait voir le lion”, Muriel Augry, poet or Sheena Chraibi who pays tribute to her husband Driss Chraibi.