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Ghita sings an ode to strength and determination in “On my mind”

After “Out of my life” released a few weeks ago, Ghita returns to the front of the scene with “On my mind”. Bright music, captivating voice, and captivating video.

With “Out of my life”, the young Moroccan artist based between London, LA, and Casablanca, intends to dazzle us with “On my mind”, a song that positions itself as an ode to strength and determination in the face of adversity.

“ON MY MIND talks about the deeply personal nature of each individual’s journey through life. With this new song, it is also a question of highlighting women empowerment. In Morocco, more of them are fighting daily to extend their rights and to be heard ”, Ghita explains in a press release.

The music video directed by the artist herself was shot in Morocco in the company of Ghita’s friends who invite us to share their journey in the heart of urban and working-class districts before taking us to more distant regions where nature takes over.

“On my mind” is available on all musical platforms (Spotify Apple Music). The music video on Youtube.