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Gazelles & Men rally: Leila Hadioui and Saad Abid rank 9th

Written by FDM

Leila Hadioui and Saad Abid, the only Moroccan team to have participated in the Gazelles & Men rally, are in the top ten.

The first edition of the Gazelles & Men rally ended on November 11th with a prize-giving ceremony marking a week of hard work, courage and transcending oneself. Dominique Serra, the founder of Maïenga events rightly recalled during the evening organized in Marrakech: “It’s not easy to make a first edition. Thank you for being kind, to have enjoyed all these moments shared together”.

Paul Belmondo, the sponsor of this first edition said: “contrary to what many people think, navigation makes things very difficult and it is probably much easier to speed. All the competitors were brilliant”.

It is safe to say that the Moroccan team, represented by Leïla Hadioui and Saad Abid (team 115 – Jeep), did a good job, ranking in the top ten.

Note that the first place was taken by team 105 (Eric Lombard-Ramel / Valerie Dot – euro4x4), which arrived with 10 km less than the second place held by crew 117 (Séverine Arnaud / Thierry Dallard – Team Visual) who has had a good race since the first stage. Finally, the 138 couple  (Hélène Grand’Eury / Cédric Miscioscia – MC Cleanliness) ranked 3rd of the podium.