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Gastronomic diversity of Moroccan street food highlighted in a new book 

Written by FDM

Langages du Sud editions held a book launch event on October 21st in Casablanca to present “Street Food in Morocco, an authentic taste”.

It’s no secret that the Moroccan gastronomy upholds an international reputation for its richness, colors, and authentic flavor. However, there’s little said about its street food. In comes “Street Food in Morocco”, by Langages du Sud edition to enlighten the world about this undiscovered aspect of the Moroccan cuisine.

Street Food in Morocco, an authentic taste” is the result of the work of two authors, Julie Carcaud and Asmaa Chaidi, and a photographer, Cécile Tréal, who traveled throughout Morocco making sure to roam the markets and the souks of its cities. It is from this meeting with the craftsmen of the Moroccan street food that this book was born, giving way to a documentary on local culinary culture, a real report on contemporary Morocco and its values of sharing and solidarity.

Street Food in Morocco, an authentic taste enhances the creativity of each terroir by highlighting the richness and gastronomic diversity of dishes and recipes of Moroccan street food.” The edition said in a statement.

“The adventure begins in Tangier, in the north of the country, with the traditional tea Atay chebbari before heading south. A stop in Fez, for the inevitable Bissara. In Casablanca, we taste a broth of snails coming out of the last open nightclub; further south, near Dakhla, we discover the taste of camel meat. Each city, each region has its specialties: sardines, tajines, sausages but also donuts, pancakes and colorful pastries in profusion.”

Available in French and English, in Moroccan and French libraries starting October 21st.