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“Game of Thrones” prequel series soon to be shot in Morocco 

Written by FDM

Good news for those missing Game of Thrones. Only months after the season finale broadcast, HBO announced the launch of “House of the Dragon”, the prequel to the cult series about the rise of Targaryen House.

A show of which part of the shooting could take place in Morocco. Indeed, as explained by the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga, Georges RR Martin, in his blog, the shooting of the new series should be done in some of the places used for “Games of Thrones”, like Morocco, Spain, Scotland or Croatia.

Indeed, several cities in the kingdom, such as Essaouira, served as a backdrop for the hit show, especially for the scenes taking place in Essos, land of Targaryen origin.

Co-created by George RR Martin, the author of the saga, and screenwriter Ryan Condal, the prequel “House of the dragon” will no doubt be inspired by George RR’s book “Fire and Blood”.

The story traces events from 300 years before “GoT” and tells the story and rise of the Targaryen tribe, from which Daenerys (and Jon Snow) descend, said Huffpost France.