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Gallery H puts Vintage Crafts & Design in the spotlight (photos)

Written by FDM

Galerie H opens its new exhibition on November 14 around the theme “Crafts and Vintage Design”. Design enthusiasts can discover the creations of 3 talented Moroccan designers, made in a retro spirit for an astonishing journey through time. Swipe through the photo gallery to see some of their impressive works. 

“In light of this exhibition, our ambition is to share the passion for ancient and iconic objects that reflect a rich cultural heritage and ancestral know-how,” said Mr. Mohamed Hassan Bensalah, CEO of the Holmarcom Group.
To merge, associate, and revisit furniture and accessories through several eras; keeping the essence of Moroccan craftsmanship through its materials, colors and codes, these are the challenges brilliantly met by 3 young designers: Mohcyn Bousfiha, Yassine Hmichane and Mouad Mohsine. They propose, each with his own style and expression, a collection of objects that revisit the trends of past decades, bringing them up to date.
“Through this new exhibition, the Holmarcom Group continues its unconditional support for creativity and design in Morocco” reads a statement form the gallery. “Since its creation, Galerie H has contributed to the development of the craft sector in an approach that is part of a dual artistic and socio-economic challenge” the statement continues. This 6th edition of the exhibition will once again reveal, enhance and support the talent of Moroccan designers.