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Galerie H inaugurates its new exhibition “Inspirations Africaines”

Written by FDM

Galerie H has announced the opening of its new exhibition “Inspirations Africaines” which will highlight, starting 24 November, the creations of 5 designers from Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa.

This exhibition will host a continent of vibrant, traditional and contemporary creativity through works combining contemporary art and artisanal heritage. Staying true to its commitment and continuing its action in favor of crafts and design, the Holmarcom Group will exhibit in its gallery the creations of 5 designers: Soukeina Hachem, Mehdi Khessouane, Hamed Ouattara, Rabi Sisbane and Ulrich Zouanda.

All shapes and colors, sculptures, drawings, ethnic signs intertwine and merge cultures, reflecting all the beauty and plurality of the continent through the different worlds of its talents.

The exhibition will continue until  July. 28, 2018 at Galerie H located at 181 Boulevard d’Anfa. Visitors are invited to discover exclusive objects created by the 5 artists which will complement their interior designs.