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The Gaia Prize 2019 awarded to Houria Tazi Sadeq 

Written by FDM

At the end of Entretiens Nîmes-Alès, a ceremony was organized for the presentation of the 2019 Gaia Award. On this occasion, the prize was awarded to Pr Houria Tazi Sadeq for her commitment to equitable water resources sharing respectful of the environment.

Launched three years ago by the association Med 21, the Gaia Prize distinguishes personalities or organizations from both shores of the Mediterranean who have, through their action, promoted the protection of nature, sites or the Mediterranean environment.

Four laureates were distinguished including Pr. Houria Tazi Sadeq (South Shore) for her commitment to equitable sharing of water resources and respectful of the environment, alongside Valérie Masson Delmotte (North Shore), for her work on climate change in the Mediterranean.

Moreover, the NGO IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) was also awarded, for its action to protect wildlife and its project to implement intervention teams during natural disasters.

Finally, the Civil Security base in Nîmes Garons (Occitanie), and in particular the forest fire fighting unit, has also benefited in its commitment to the protection of the populations as well as natural areas, flora, and fauna from wildlife.

Pr. Houria Tazi Sadeq is Governor at the World Water Council, Founding President of the Moroccan Coalition for Water “COALMA” and legal and institutional expert in the issues related to water, environment, and sustainable development. She has been active at the academic and civil society for thirty years.