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Gad Elmaleh and  Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard engage in funny skit 

Written by FDM

Gad Elmaleh was granted a singular honor from the Canadian province of Quebec on Tuesday, and of course he couldn’t let this opportunity pass without a hint of humor.

In a video posted on Facebook, the Moroccan-French comedian is seen engaged in small talk with Quebec Premier, Philippe Couillard, in which he expressed his gratitude about the distinction. Thirty seconds pass, and both take sips of water. It’s hot in Quebec after all.

Then, their accents switch! « Ça gaze, Gad? » Said Couillard in a French accent to which El Maleh responds in a Canadian accent. Amazed, they decide to exchange their glasses of water and everything returns to normal.

Prior to this entertaining sketch, Quebec Premier, Philippe Couillard bestowed, himself,  the Order’s official insignia on Elmaleh. A distinction that clusters other well-known recipients including Jacques Chirac, Gerard Depardieu, Celine Dion and Francois Hollande.