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 ‘Ftour Pluriels’ calls for peace and tolerance in Casablanca

Written by FDM

“Ftour Pluriel” returned for the third edition on May 24 in Casablanca. The representatives of the three monotheistic religions as well as several personalities gathered around an Iftar meal organized by the Moroccan Association Pluriels and the Olympic Stadium Casablancais (SOC).

Peace. Fraternity. Tolerance. Beautiful messages that were put across yesterday for the third consecutive year. Representatives of the three monotheistic religions and personalities from diverse backgrounds came together to share a rhythmic meal with the sounds of spiritual music.

Around the same table, rabbi, imam and priest also exchanged prayers preaching peace and solidarity. “This meal shared by Muslims, Jews and Christians is a strong message to the world that this plural Morocco exists,” said André Azoulay, the king’s adviser at the party, adding that “we Moroccans are aware that ‘we are a great nation and a great civilization that respects the values of tolerance and conviviality, the civilizational fundamentals and the cultural identity of the Kingdom”.

For his part, Monsignor Vito Rallo, ambassador of the Vatican Apostolic Nunciature in Rabat, recalled that “our differences constitute a rapprochement and that dialogue is indispensable between religions”.

Another highlight: the posthumous tribute to 14 Moroccan personalities who received trophies, in recognition of their contribution and efforts to promote Moroccan culture and national unity. This ” Ftour Pluriel ” is once again a success that constitutes “a clear answer to hate speech, violence, rejection and barbarism,” as Ahmed Ghayet, the president of the Moroccan Pluriels Association, said before recalling that” the month of Ramadan is, by its very essence, a month of solidarity, fraternity and sharing – especially in Morocco – where, at all times, each family has kept its door open, and where the neighbors – which whatever their religion- have always been invited to share the breaking of the fast .”

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