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Ftour Pluriels: an Iftar celebrating coexistence in Casablanca

For the second consecutive year, the Olympic Stadium in Casablanca and the Marocains Pluriels association organized their Ftour Pluriel under the theme « These values and flavors that unite us », highlighting the diversity of Moroccan gastronomy.

This edition of Ftour Pluriel, held under the presidency – and in the presence of – Mr. André Azoulay, Counselor to His Majesty the King – celebrated the richness of our culinary art, a vital element of our living together.

In addition to the flavors of this shared meal, a musical show titled « There is only one God » -performed by the Diapason Choir, the Mohammedia Gospel Choir and Vanessa Paloma- reunited all Muslims, Jews and Christians among attendees under the same sounds.