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Ftour Pluriel: an edition under the sign of mixed voices, sharing and fraternity (photos) 

Written by FDM

For its seventh edition, the Ftour Pluriel gathered representatives of the three monotheistic religions as well as several personalities around an iftar table organized under the sign of “mixed voices”.

Sharing, diversity, dialogue, and fraternity are the values highlighted in the 2019 edition of the Ftour Pluriel “mixed voices”. The gathering was held in the honorable presence of Mr. André Azoulay, Councilor of His Majesty the King, as well as ambassadors from different Countries, Representatives of the 3 Religions (Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop of Rabat, Imam Omar El Mrini, Chief Rabbi of Casablanca Josef Israel, Rabbi Jacquy Sebag, Father Manuel of the Order of Saints Franciscans), artists and personalities of the civil society and young associations (Moroccans Pluriels, Juniors, Youth of the Parsse Saints Jacques …)

“We have established a beautiful custom that incites every Ramadan -Muslims, Jews, and Christians to meet and share the meal of breaking the fast, a symbolic gesture common to the three religions:” the sharing of salt, the sharing of bread. ”

“In these painful times when the rejection of the Other and the fracture are deafening, where hatred and racism corrupt minds in a growing way, it seemed our duty to show even stronger, that we are the heirs of a noble tradition, that of living together! ” The initiators of Ftour Pluriel explain in a statement.