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French-Moroccan film “Tazzeka” soon to be released in Morocco

Written by FDM

The French-Moroccan film “Tazzeka” by Jean-Philippe Gaud was previewed on October 29 in Casablanca. Some privileged people were able to discover the story of Elias, a young orphan, who has a talent for cooking and who was forced to hide. Release in the theater from November 7th.

The French-Moroccan film ” Tazzeka ” by director Jean-Philippe Gaud has just been previewed in Casablanca and is expected in cinemas from November 7th. It tells the story of Elias, an orphan raised in the village of Tazzeka (Taza province) by his grandmother who instilled in him the secrets of traditional Moroccan cuisine.

Gastronomy becomes a passion for him. One day, he meets a female chef who is living in France, called Salma. Two wonderful encounters that will disturb his career and his life pushing him to emigrate. But once in Paris, the young man is faced with multiple challenges: poverty and precarious work are his daily life as so many illegal immigrants. But he will also discover the blessing of friendship thanks to Souleymane who will rekindle his passion for cooking.
In “Tazzeka”, which means “Pyramid” in Amazigh, they talk about love, culinary passion and migration, all showered with the talent of comedians Madi Belen, Ouidad Elma, Khadija Bouzkri and Abbes Zehmani.