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French Montana performs ‘Famous’ with Hijabi dancers on the Tonight Show

Written by FDM

French Montana made a special appearance in the latest installment of one the most popular shows in the US featuring belly dancers and women in hijab.

As part of his promotions for “Jungle Rules”, French Montana performed his latest single called “Famous” in the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. A song that holds a special meaning to the artist.

Indeed, “Famous” pays tribute to his deceased grandmother and was shot in the same city where she lived: Chefchaouen. The music video has caught the attention of his fans and has reached nearly three million views since it was posted on January 18.

During the show, the singer paid yet another tribute to his cultural heritage by staging two types of dancers representing the Moroccan folklore: the ones wearing black Abbayas and hijabs and others dressed in belly dance attire. Not to mention the boy playing football on stage to remain relative to the music video as much as possible.