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Free online coding lessons

Written by FDM

Honoris United Universities and Le Wagon have teamed up to give free access to an online web development course.

Honoris United Universities, the first pan-African private higher education network has launched a joint initiative with Le Wagon, the best rated by the reference websites coding Bootcamp. The two institutions join forces to give free access to an online web development course.

For Honoris, this approach is part of its plan to develop key skills for the employability of its students, particularly digital, such as learning code.

This short and dense training will allow students to acquire the level of knowledge required for beginners in website development and will offer them the opportunity to collaborate with developers, designers, and professionals of digital professions.

After 20 hours of training including videos, quizzes, and projects, students will be able to create a responsive web page in HTML and CSS.

Honoris and Le Wagon offer this open course, to encourage familiarization with digital skills on the continent. The creation of this course reflects the importance that Honoris places on coding as a fundamental skill in the professional context of the 21st century. By learning to code, students develop thinking patterns that focus on logic and results. Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication, skills highly valued and sought after by employers, go hand in hand with coding.

This free online course is available until the end of August 2020 at