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Franco-Moroccan film director Dalila Ennadre is dead

Written by FDM

Franco-Moroccan director Dalila Ennadre, 53, died on Thursday, May 14 after a long illness. It was Samir Abdallah, her daughter’s father, who announced it on his Facebook page and it was relayed by Le Courrier de L’Atlas.

“For more than two years, she has been battling. Even when she was very sick, she continued to do what she loved the most,” filmmaker Samir Abdallah told le Courrier de l’Atlas.

According to the same source, Dalila Ennadre was in the process of finishing “Jean Genet, notre père des fleurs”. A documentary filmed in Morocco, in the city of Larrache where the French writer rests.

“The vast majority of her films were shot in Morocco. She always gave voice to the poor, and the disadvantaged,” Samir continued.

Dalila Ennadre was known for her preference in tackling topics related to the women of Morocco. “Not the chic and emancipated city women. The others, the forgotten. The left behind. Those, abandoned by their husbands, feed their children with hard bread dipped in tea. Those who toil from evening to morning for a pittance. Those who can neither read nor write. Those who have nothing but the rage to get out of it. These women, for her they are heroines”, reads the article quoting Badelmed.

Why women? ” It is certainly my way of paying homage to my mother and then the woman is the hub of life. When I show women, I inevitably speak of men, children, and therefore the family,  ”explained Dalila Ennadre.

Born in Casablanca, Dalila Ennadre arrived as a baby in the Paris region. She grew up in Saint-Denis, then in La Courneuve (93). At 16, she stopped studying and then decided to travel. A ten-year journey that took her to Guyana, Germany, Morocco and Quebec. A period when she studied cinema as an autodidact. In parallel, she works as a production manager on TV series or commissioned films for institutions.

In 1987, she signed her first film. “By the grace of Allah”, a powerful documentary on a Moroccan miller. In 2002, she won the Grand Prix at the Traces de vies documentary meetings in Clermont-Ferrand. In 2009, her film “J’ai tant aimé” received the prize for the best documentary at the African Film Festival in Tarifa, Spain. More recently, in 2014, “Des murs et des hommes” was awarded the Grand Documentary Prize at the Maghreb Film Festival in Algiers. In the same year, she also received the Grand Prix TV 2M at the Agadir film festival.

“Given the current epidemic and the restrictions imposed by the authorities, the family and relatives will organize funerals in a limited number of participants,” said Samir Abdallah. “As soon as possible, we will organize a screening of her latest film. It will be a great opportunity to pay her tribute, ” he promised.