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France: Moroccan Meriem Othmani received knight of the Legion of Honor  

Written by FDM

The Moroccan activist Meriem Othmani received the Chevalier de Légion d’Honneur (Knight of legion of honor), the highest honorary decoration in France.

Ms. Meriem Othmani, president and founder of the association “Insaf” (National Institute of Solidarity with women in distress), appears in the promotion of January 1 of the Knight of the Legion of Honor, made public on Tuesday by the Grand Chancery of the Legion of honor.

This promotion brings together a total of 402 people at an exact parity between 345 knights, 42 officers, 9 commanders, 4 senior officers and 2 grand’Croix, said the Grand Chancery of the Legion of Honor in a statement.

The national order of the category of knight of the legion of honor rewards the services (cultural, economic …) given to France or the causes it defends (defense of human rights, freedom of the press, humanitarian causes …) .

Among other honored personalities on 1 January 2019 are the World Cup football team players rewarding their victory at the football world cup in 2018.

Founded by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, the Legion of Honor is the highest of French national distinctions. Today it counts 92,000 members, rewarded for their outstanding merits in the service of France or for the causes it defends.