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 Four women honored with Tamayouz Prize

Written by FDM

For its third edition, the « Tamayouz » Prize distinguished four exceptional women who carry out beautiful projects. Fatima Zahra Beraich, Aicha Aarabi, Wafa Kiran and Zineb Zaki were awarded on October 10 for the National Women’s Day.

The first prize went to Fatima Zahra Beraich for « Biodôme ». An initiative that transforms organic and agricultural waste into biogas in order to reduce the electricity and diesel costs borne by Moroccan farmers. This innovative solution ensures them a greater independence of energy.

Aicha Aarabi came second for « Bionoor », named after the brand specializing in the production and sale of natural cosmetics. As for the third award, it was exceptionally awarded to two women.

The first: Wafa Kiran for her « Zine and Zwine » company which manufactures furniture and decoration objects intended for both real estate professionals and individuals. And the second was Zineb Zaki for setting up the company « Mâ », created in 2009. This company is considered as the first portal facilitating the connection between craftsmen (plumbers, security agents, auxiliaries, etc.) and customers.

But it is not the only purpose. The aim is also « to contribute to the organization and structuring of the work of  « m3alem » and formalize the work of these particular professionals, » she relayed to Aujourd’hui le Maroc.