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 Forum dedicated to women from the Maghreb in Paris

Written by FDM

On June 1st, an international forum titled « Rethinking living together, these Maghreb women who change the world » is to be organized at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.

The Huffpost Maghreb decided to dedicate its first international forum to the women activists from the Maghreb countries where women’s rights are far from being achieved. These women are the same who struggle daily to change mentalities, laws and combat inequalities.

Throughout the afternoon, the attendees would benefit from inspirational experiences of prestigious speakers from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.  Three themes will be discussed and above all disseminated: « Women and civil society », « Sexuality, family planning and the weight of traditions » and finally « Being a woman in men’s world ».

The entrance is free (within the limits of available seats).