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Fnaïre group launches an association for promoting art and social development

Written by FDM

After a career of 17 years, the rap group Fnaïre decided to venture in a new challenge by launching an association devoted to the promotion of art and culture. A beautiful project with a positive message.

The announcement of this new project was made by the members of the group yesterday in Casablanca while signing a partnership with HEM Business School.

” It’s been 17 years since the group existed, and throughout our artistic journey, we have received help and support from each other. In our turn, we wanted to reach out to young people, and the best way is to accompany them to succeed in their future. In this sense, we have signed a partnership with HEM which will provide 12 scholarships to deserving students,” explains Amine El Hannaoui, manager of Fnaïre.

The scholarships will be givento two students per city covering the 5 years of study. To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants are invited to fill out a form on the website A committee will have to rule on the admissibility of applications according to certain criteria, including the grades obtained on the Baccalaureate examination and the financial situation of the parents.

Other actions for young people will be initiated by the group throughout the year.  Fnaire has already committed to host free concerts for HEM students.

The Fnaïre group which was born in Marrakech in 2001 has several successful albums, including Lafthouh (2004) and Yad El Henna (2007).