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Five female film professionals walk FIFM red carpet for parity in cinema

Written by FDM

On December 5th, five female emblematic figures of Moroccan cinema launched the Tamayouz Foundation and called for women in Moroccan cinema to claim parity by rallying  Palais des Congrès’ red carpet.

On the sidelines of Marrakech International Film Festival,  five female emblematic figures of the Moroccan cinema launched  the Tamayouz Foundation, with the ambition to allow young Moroccan women better access to the professions of production and filmmaking.

The founders of this project solemnly called on  professional female filmmakers present in Marrakech to gather for a symbolic and committed photograph, as a kick off of the official advent of the dynamic Tamayouz.

The founders of the Tamayouz project, present during this mobilization event are: Dounia Benjelloun-Mezian , Founder of Dounia Productions (The great journey of Ibn Battuta, Roads to Mecca …), Lamia Chraibi , Producer (Achoura, Stateless, Jahiliya), Farida Benlyazid , director (Juanita of Tangier, Bab al-samâ maftooh, Keïd Ensa …), Narjiss Nejjar , director and screenwriter (dry eyes, lover of Rif, Wake up Morocco …), Simone Bitton , director (Rachel, the attack, Mur …)

The initiative, with a protest attitude,  is reminiscent of the one conducted last May by 82 women, including Cate Blanchett, Kristen Stewart, Salma Hayek, Marion Cotillard or the director of “Wonder Woman”, Patty Jenkins, during the Cannes Film Festival, demanding for “equal pay”, following the #MeToo movement.