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First women-only car exhibition held in Saudi Arabia

Written by FDM

While Saudi women get excited to pass their driver’s license starting next June, Saudi Arabia holds first women-only car show on January 11.

Women have gathered on January 11 at  Le Mall in Jeddah to attend the first auto show aimed at women and held a few months after the royal decree lifting the ban on women driving.

A decision taken as part of a vast program of economic and social reforms called “Vision 2030” whose architect is the Crown Prince Mohamed ben Salman. And a decision hailed as evidence of a progressive trend at work since so far the country was the only country in the world to ban driving licenses for women.

In the ultra-conservative Wahhabi kingdom, Saudi women face severe restrictions, including clothing, and are subject to guardianship by a man in their family to study or travel, for example. In this show, the Saudi women will already be able to choose their next car as well as opting for financing solutions, with banks or financial companies, for this purchase. An event that the organizing company plans to expand to other Saudi cities.