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First virtual reality center in Morocco opened in Rabat

Written by FDM

Electric Dreams is the first virtual reality arcade in Morocco. This space, now open in the heart of the Agdal district of Rabat, aspires to the same success as those already open in Japan, Europe and North America.

Virtual reality enthusiasts as well as those who are curious to discover this technology can now live, at Electric Dreams, about fifty immersive experiences or test various video games. They can dive into the world of Google Earth VR, experience the journey of a party team climb Everest, meet whales and jellyfish underwater, fly like an eagle, face the fear of emptiness , defend against zombies …

“Having lived several years outside Morocco; I noticed that virtual reality arcades are launched every week around the world, particularly in North America, Asia and some European countries. On the other hand, Morocco is lagging behind on this type of activity, “says Souhail Wardi founder of Electric Dreams.

For the young entrepreneur (25 years-old), everything started from this observation. “Especially that the Moroccans have a real attraction for virtual reality,” he adds, saying it is time to satisfy the curiosity of Moroccans and provide an opportunity to experience all the incredible new experiences offered by the virtual reality.