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First Vegan Festival in North Africa to be held in Morocco

Written by FDM

Great meeting place for vegans from around the world. The VegFest will take up residence in the heart of the old medina of Fez, Sunday, December 2.

An international festival dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, the event organized within the cultural hostel Medina Social Club will bring together several activists and actors from the sector from Morocco but also from the United States, Europe and North Africa.

First VegFest organized in North Africa and second in Africa, the annual event, which promotes a healthy, animal-friendly and plant-based lifestyle, aims to combat the prejudices related to this way of life and expand the Vegan community in Morocco.

Several activities are scheduled for the occasion, including yoga sessions, vegan cooking classes, round tables and debates, tastings of dishes and vegan drinks. The menu also includes a booth and exhibition area and product sales as well as music concerts and artist performances. The entrance tickets are available at MAD 80.

Publiée par Vegfest Morocco sur Lundi 12 novembre 2018