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First professional woman surfer in Morocco featured in CNN report

Written by FDM

Fatima Berrada, the first professional woman surfer in Morocco, appeared on the latest installment of “Inside the Middle East” CNN program highlighting the growing popularity of surfing in Morocco.

To explore the rising popularity of Morocco as a surfing spot, CNN made a report in which they met with renowned Moroccan surfers including Fatima Berrada who became the first professional woman surfer in Morocco in 1994.

Berrada says that for her, “surfing is a way of life. If I do not surf even for one day, I feel like something is missing.” The surfer says that she has encouraged her two daughters to do the same, explaining that they started surfing at age three and four. “Every time we’ll have a free time, we will surf. As they are now surfers, they can continue this family tradition.”

The report also highlights acclaimed Agadir-born surfer Rami Boukhiam, who is currently ranked 21st in the World Qualifying series. The Moroccan surfer tells CNN that he participates in different contests across the world, “but no country is comparable to here […] it is my home, I love it,”  also considering it having the “perfect point break waves.”

Morocco became a top destination for local and foreign wave enthusiasts thanks to its Atlantic coastline according to American news channel CNN. The channel’s “Inside the Middle East” program, broadcasted on October 15 and 16, covered the Anfa Place Pro surfing competition, which took place in Casablanca from September 12 to 17 at Casablanca’s Lalla Meryem beach to shed light on this growing sport.