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The first digital rural local secondary school launched in Morocco

Written by FDM

The first Digital Rural College of Proximity in Morocco was born in douar (village) Khallad as part of a partnership between the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Société Générale, the National Initiative for Human Development of Azilal, and the Regional Academy of Education and Training of Béni Mellal Khénifra as well as the Zakoura Foundation.

It is the first digital Rural Convenience College in Morocco. Called CORP, this pilot project was launched in the Khallad douar and is fully in line with the common will of stakeholders to reduce the educational divide and fight against early school leaving while ensuring the digital inclusion of beneficiaries in rural areas.

Concretely, the “dematerialized” middle school with remote teaching staff is set up in a village hitherto without a secondary school. This system thus makes it possible to mobilize the best teachers from a distance.

For this pilot project, the teachers’ unit is based in Béni Mellal while the CORP is located in the Khallad douar, in the province of Azilal, as the Zajoura Foundation explains in a press release, adding that the dedicated room will host an average of 15-20 students aged 12 to 16 per class for 3 years, accompanied by a facilitator.

Students will have access to interactive online courses, a digital platform, capsules recorded for later viewing as well as personalized support. Other activities are also planned, such as training in soft skills and life skills, and children will have access to a digital library. The beneficiaries of the CORP, namely children who have dropped out of school at the age of reintegration and those who find themselves outside the system due to the unavailability of a nearby secondary school, will therefore be able to continue their education in their village, in an environment respecting the standards of quality education.