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Fiona Kolbinger wins the prestigious mixed-race “Transcontinental Race”

Written by FDM

German Fiona Kolbinger, a scientist and researcher became the first woman in history to win the prestigious Transcontinental mixed cycling race.

She is a scientist and researcher in the field of pediatric cancer. On Tuesday, August 6, the 24-year-old German girl Fiona Kolbinger, became the first woman in history to win, the 7th edition of the Transcontinental, a 4000-kilometer cycling race across Europe, which saw the participation of 224 men and some 40 women.

She is the first woman to win in this event. The young woman took 10 days, two hours and 48 minutes to cross six countries – Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and France, with incursions into Austria and Italy.

Fiona Kolbinger entered the competition for the first time, making her victory even more special. “I am so surprised to win. I was aiming for the women’s podium, I did not think I could win the race,” she said when she arrived.