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Finland’s Sanna Marin becomes youngest government leader in the world

Written by FDM

At 34, Sanna Marin becomes, on Tuesday, December 10th, Finland’s Prime Minister. This Social Democrat, who represents the left-wing party, has experienced a meteoric rise but will have to face a complicated political and social situation.

Sanna Marin took the reins of the Finnish coalition government on Tuesday, December 10 and became, at the same time, the youngest leader in the world. At only 34, she succeeds the Social Democrat Antti Rinne, who announced his resignation from the post of Prime Minister on December 3rd, amid political turmoil caused by a strike of postal workers.

Sanna Marin has experienced a meteoric rise in the Finnish political realm. She joined the Social Democrat Party (SDP) youth movement in 2006, forging a strong electoral base in the country’s third-largest city, Tempere, where she became president of the city council in 2013. Then she moved up the party’s internal ladder, becoming Vice-President of the Movement in 2014, then Member of Parliament in 2015.

In 2019, she became responsible for leading the SPD’s list in the legislative elections, after which she was re-elected in April. She joined Antti Rinne’s government as Minister of Transport and quickly emerged as the Prime Minister’s favorite.

During her ascent, Sanna Marin strove to erase the image of pure party product she would often give. On her blog and during interviews, she insisted a lot on her atypical family environment and her youth, far from being gilded, which would enable her to understand the expectations of ordinary Finns. Born out of a failed marriage, she was raised by her mother who got married again with another woman. She financed her studies by multiplying odd jobs and her family never rolled on gold.