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Finemchi, the app that reviews “women friendly” places

Written by FDM

It is no secret that Morocco is still a patriarch society where some women yet feel uncomfortable sitting on a café terrace all by themselves, in the evening, reading a book or even lighting a cigarette without having to deal with stolen glances by other customers. Challenges that the new app “Finemchi” (Where should I go) claims to solve.

“Finemchi” is an app designed by women, for women. The idea is a social and communal platform that suggests to its users places in Morocco that women can attend safely based on reviews by other women. It is thus a kind of TripAdvisor that references “women friendly” businesses in all corners of the country.

“Here, women are limited in their choice of where to go, cafes have always been male-dominant places, some are hostile to women, and in some cases there is even physical aggression,” said Safâa El Jazouli, a French-Moroccan social entrepreneur who is the initiator of the project.

Tired of always going to the same places when she returned to Morocco, she had the idea to launch this initiative to mobilize women to share their addresses and opinions on the establishments they like … or don’t.

Cafes in working class neighborhoods are also a target. “It’s striking, there are only men. As soon as a woman dares to venture there, she is misperceived (…)  Why does she not have the right to sit there and read a newspaper or simply chat with a friend over a tea?” continued Safâa El Jazouli. Questions to which the latter wants to bring effective solutions.

“When you go to Google Map to look for an address, the comments left are often written by men, there are very few women who give opinions, which is what inspired this idea. A platform where we help each other, between women, where we can judge if an establishment is safe and respectful towards us, and advise places where we will not be harassed or embarrassed, “she stressed.

The Beta version is currently available on Google Play (Android version), Apple users will have to wait a little before they can download it. Once it’s up, a hundred of public places can be found as references, there are also many options: the list of places nearby, it is also possible to report an institution (in the case of a negative experience), can add establishments where the experience was good, locate the security services (with their telephone number) in case of danger or emergency.