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Findings show alarming statistics regarding divorce cases per day in Morocco 

Written by FDM

The Moroccan Family Mediation Network (CHAML) has recently published alarming statistics concerning the alarming rise of divorce cases in Morocco. CHAML said that Moroccan courts processed 97,129 cases of divorce in 2017, H24 reported.

From 40,000 divorce cases in 2013 to 100,000 in 2017. The number of cases has more than doubled in five years. The findings are alarming: there are 8333 cases of divorces per month, 277 per day and 11.5 per hour.

Moroccan Family Mediation Network President Asmae EL Moudden said on May 31st that the alarming statistics of family disintegration rates revealed by the Ministry of Justice have accelerated the grouping of associations and combined their efforts to contribute to the management and resolution of family problems.

In a press conference organized by the Moroccan network Shaml and Family Mediation under the theme “A strong network, effective mediation, a safe family”, Al-Moudden explained that the centers and associations affiliated to the network dealt with more than 8,000 cases of divorce and civil status.

The network said, moreover, that the Moroccan courts have also registered more than 35,000 files related to alimonies.