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FIFM foundation organizes a free surgical campaign for 400 people (photos)

Written by FDM

Away from the red carpet, cinema and projectors, the Marrakech International Film Festival Foundation (FIFM) organizes from December 2nd to 7th at Al Antaki hospital in Marrakech, a free cataract surgery campaign, in partnership with the Hassan II Ophthalmology Foundation and the Ministry of Health. In an act of generosity, several Moroccan and Arab celebrities also visited the patients.

Roughly 400 people will receive cataract surgery free of charge during the 6 days of the campaign from competent doctors and professional academics as well as the necessary drugs for their treatment and glasses. Nearly half of the beneficiaries have already undergone surgery.

Several Moroccan artists visited, on Wednesday, December 4th, these patients at Al Antaki Hospital in Marrakech, including actress Malika Omari, actor and singer Younes Migri, his wife Nadia Niazi, the actor and director Mohamed Nadif and last but not least, the Egyptian star Ilham Chahine. A visit that was deemed delightful for the smiling patients.