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Festival of Female Hadra and Trance Music puts youth in spotlight

Written by FDM

From August 9 to 11, Essaouira will vibrate to the sound of the female Hadra. Indeed, the Haddarates Souiriates Association is organizing the 6th edition of the International Festival of Female Hadra and Trance Music, and is celebrating youth this year.

“The role of youth in Moroccan Sufism” is the theme chosen for the 6th edition of the International Festival of Female Hadra and Trance Music scheduled for August 9-11 in Essaouira. This meeting is a real platform to highlight women within the Sufi culture and music.

This edition was set up in such a way as to build bridges and bonds of friendship, fraternity and peace between people, while promoting the diversity and plurality of cultures of the different participating countries, with a focus on the art and heritage of Sufis of Morocco, their specificities and origins largely rooted in human history, as stated by the Association of Haddarate Souiriates which organizes the event.

On the program: August 10, a conference at the museum of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah around the theme of this 6th edition in the presence of researchers and academicians, along with a series of concerts on the square Moulay El Hassan with female troops from notably Fes, but also with “Bnate Louze” of Tafraoute, “Bnate Lalla Menana” of Larache, Anouar Dekkaki and Lounassa El Hamdouchia of Meknes, besides “Jiran Al Ghiwane” and ” Takada ” of Casablanca. And on the foreign bands side, Egyptian troupe “Al Mawlaouiya Al Massriya ” and the Comoros Islands with Nawal Naouali are also scheduled to perform.