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Fes Festival of the world sacred music to celebrate “Ancestral Knowledge”

Written by FDM

From June 22 to 30, 2018, the spiritual capital of the Kingdom will vibrate to the intermixed rhythms of musicians and singers from around the world for an exciting and captivating intercultural and spiritual dialogue.

The 24th edition of the Fes Festival of the World Sacred Music, will make the link between “an exceptional craft heritage whose cornerstone remains spirituality, and a contemporary creation with promising prospects”, said Abderrafih Zouitene, last Monday in Casablanca, president of the Festival.

The 24th edition which will have the theme “Ancestral Knowledge and Renewal of the Medina”, will try, through the musical and artistic traditions to be honored, to make this heritage known and highlight the wealth and the diversity of its components, he continued.

According to the organizers, the shows scheduled for this edition will focus on the link between music, people’s experiences and art of living, and the tangible heritage, a true accumulation of experiences and knowledge that have crossed the world for ages and which have been inherited by consecutive civilizations and cultures.

Throughout the 9 days of the Festival, the audience will resonate to rhythms carrying great spiritual traditions from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, America, Western and Eastern Europe. Orthodox, Hebrew, Gregorian, Andalusian and Jesuit liturgies from Bolivia will respond to Sufi voices, Arab shaers, griots from sub-Saharan Africa and rwayyes from the Moroccan High Atlas but also rhythms from Rajasthan, Pakistan or Bali.