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Feminist collective takes up the anthem “You’re the rapist!” and stirs a buzz

Written by FDM

The video filmed in Tétouan went viral and is currently generating buzz on social networks.

A dozen Moroccan women followed in the footsteps of the feminist movement taking up the world by repeating in a video “You’re the rapist!” decrying gender violence and rape.

The anthem initially popped up in Chili a few months ago where Chilean art collective Lastesis called for Un violador en tu camino” (“A Rapist in Your Path”) movement to highlight gender-based violence in the country. The song has since been remade by a thousand other women around the world.

Blindfolded, Moroccan women made some modifications to the anthem and sang atop a beat “the rapist is you!  the law, The police,  Authorities, The state. I don’t care about justice and government, where’s the justice? They want me to live in a coma! ”

The movement is led by the founder of “Dynamique Mon corps ma liberté”, Khadija Tnana, the author of the initiative. This painter had recently seen one of her works, representing Kamasutra on the hands of Fatma, censored when it was meant to be exhibited in the Modern Art Center of Tetouan.