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Feminist books read in silence by activists of Zanka Dialna 

Written by FDM

Bringing feminist books as a peaceful symbol in the public space is the last act of “Zanka Dialna” activists in Rabat, an initiative born of a citizen momentum for women’s freedom to claim the public space.

This is an original choreography interpreted Sunday, September 29, by activists of “Zanka Dialna ” (the street is ours) a citizen initiative first introduced on the internet before taking shape in the field to raise public awareness of women’s freedom to move safely in the public space.

Indeed, on Sunday, September 29th, they gathered in the historical site of Oudayas and on the beach of Rabat. In their hands, a feminist book they read … in silence. ” The book is a symbol of the means they want to use to achieve their purpose, namely education, and culture,” said the group in a statement, adding that for ” silence, it is the peace that they want to see reign in the street and in our society.” A pacifist posture that aims simply to raise public awareness in order to “live and evolve in a more inclusive society and fairer to its female component “. In other words, an essential awareness for better harmony.