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Female Leadership at the heart of Moroccan Student Foundation #HerDayForHer MasterClass

Written by FDM

The Fondation Marocaine de l’Etudiant (FME) organized the second edition of the #HerDayForHer MasterClass on Saturday, February 29, 2020, as part of the leadership development program for its young scholarship recipients.

This program, supported by the Embassy of Canada to Morocco, enriches the capacity-building actions of Foundation scholarship recipients by opening up prospects aimed at improving the social and professional integration of its beneficiaries.

The aim is to strengthen female leadership. As a note highlighted by the event stresses that “At the same age, place of residence, level of education and socio-professional status of the father, a man is 7.1 times more likely than a woman to occupy a superior position than that of his father ”.

And despite the fact that girls perform better in school, their access to the job market and to positions of responsibility is hampered on the one hand by mentality barriers to be overcome, but also by self-censorship especially when it comes to young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This is evident from interviews carried out with FME scholarship holders, from disadvantaged backgrounds as to the difficulties they encounter. They often set fairly limited goals. This is not the case for all of them. Young girls take the opposite view and fight for their projects. “The FME has been working for a long time for the inclusion of young girls in its programs, by implementing, since 2011, positive discrimination against them and a tutoring program for women.
This MasterClass, which is based on our conviction of the need for a more inclusive economic and social model, completes our search for a better impact of the inclusion of young women in the job market at the height of their merit, thanks to the partners who support us,” said Hamid Ben Elafdil, president of the FME.

Convinced of the gender approach in building career paths, the importance of strengthening leadership and the strength of partners who trust it, the FME designed the “Reinforcement of Female Leadership” project selected by the Embassy of Canada as part of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiative’s call for projects.

“As part of its international feminist aid policy and its leadership in gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, Canada, through its embassy in Morocco, is proud to support the project – Reinforcement of the Female Leadership- of the Moroccan Student Foundation(FME)”, said Bill McCrimmon, Chargé d’Affaires at the Embassy of Canada in Morocco.

The #HerDayForHer Master Class aims to make young FME scholarship holders aware of career management issues and the importance of developing their leadership by sharing the experience of pioneering women in many fields and by connecting with the professional world through active women who have reached positions of responsibility.