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Fatima Atif Wins Female Performance Award at Tangier Film Festival

Written by FDM

The film “The Healer” by Mohamed Zineddaine won 4 prizes at the Tangier National Festival: Special Jury Prize, Achievement Award, 1st Female Role Award for Fatima Atif and 1st Male Role Award for Mehdi El aroubi.

Great news for the discreet and hard-working director Mohamed Zineddaine! After 20 years in documentary and photography, the native of Oued Zem who lives in Italy has been approved with “The healer”.

“The need to make this film is dictated by the universality of its theme: the study of an omniscient power and perceived power relationships from the angle of domination, influence, and authority of an individual on a “world”,” says director Mohamed Zineddaine who co-writes the screenplay with Olivier Bombarda.

“The Healer” is a social fresco against ignorance, illiteracy, and obscurantism carried by actors like Ahmed Moustafid, Fatima Attif, Mehdi El arroubi, Hanane Elkabani, and Nisrine Adam. Fatima Attif carries the film on her shoulders, as she carries the fate of the inhabitants of her small town.