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Fatiha Zemmouri displays her alchemist self through exhibition in Casablanca 

The artist is showcasing her exhibition « Chant d’état transitoire « , from  September 28 to October 28 at Galerie 38. A personal exhibition which brings together the artist’s latest works, several videos and a collection of masterful paintings.

In this exhibition, the artist transforms basic materials, such as the canvas where she applies matter that she assembles, in a process that lasts several days, up to thirty for certain pieces. « These practices testify to Zemmouri’s desire for a return to the primitive gesture and a redefinition of art as the place of change in the world, » says a statement in Gallery 38.

Fatiha Zemmouri is very interested in raw materials such as charcoal, calcined wood, ceramics and porcelain. The artist combines different techniques such as drawing, collages, painting or sculpture. a real alchemist of matter. She likes to explore and transform materials « exposing the phenomenal richness of the most diverse textures, revealing what the earth and the wood contains to make them both strange and familiar, « said the same source.

A very singular approach, which differs from the basic techniques reproduced almost systematically by the artists. A work that is certainly worth the check out in the Gallery 38 in Casablanca.