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Fatiha Zemmouri and Manna Idaali in a collective exhibition in Denmark 

Written by FDM

The Rudolph Tegners Museum in Denmark hosts until October 31 a collective exhibition called “Tgeners and Morocco: contemporary Moroccan art” which includes the works of eight Moroccan artists including two women: Fatiha Zemmouri and Manna Idaali.

It took three years of work to present the collective exhibition “Tgeners and Morocco: Contemporary Moroccan Art” at the Rudolph Tegners Museum in Denmark. Behind the series of works presented, eight Moroccan artists including three of Saharawi origin, namely Manna Idaali, Etayeb Nadif and Hamza Errachid Sfart who, together, delivered frescos tinged with a local and regional color strongly typed by a nomadic heritage with well-chiselled Amazigh tones.

Manna Idaali, who won first prize in the “Young Artists Creations” contest in 2013-2014, has six exhibitions, including Tiznit, Laayoune, Mohammedia, and Tetouan, as described by the organizers of the Rencontres des arts. plastics and visuals who invited her in 2016.

Another artist on display: Fatiha Zemmouri. The visual artist combines different techniques such as drawing, collages, painting or sculpture, and transforms raw materials (charcoal, charred wood, ceramics, porcelain) to give body to poetic works. The artist who presented her works for the first time in 1999 in Rabat, has since pursued personal and collective exhibitions whether in Morocco or abroad.

The museum is named after Rudolph Tegners, a famous Danish artist (1873-1950) who, over the years his many travels in the countries of the East, stayed with his wife Elna twice in Morocco (Tangiers in 1905 and Marrakech in particular between 1948 and 1949).

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