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“Fatema, La Sultane Inoubliable ”, soon a biobic on Fatéma Mernissi

Written by FDM

Abderrahmane Tazi will portray the life and story of the Moroccan sociologist Fatéma Mernissi, who passed away on November 30, 2015. The shooting, planned in Zagora, should start as soon as the quarantine is lifted.

“The choice to make a film on Fatéma Mernissi was not fortuitous, explains Abderrahmane Tazi because the deceased had a notion of western feminism. Morocco has given birth to great personalities with immense potentials, such as Tayeb Seddiki, Tayeb El Alej, Malika El Fassi, Allal El Ouazzani…, and our duty is to remember them. This is the case of Fatima Mernissi whom I have known since her childhood, as a cousin. ”

Known and recognized for her fight for women’s rights in Morocco and in the Arab world, a pioneering feminist, Fatéma Mernissi broke many taboos with writings that are still very well documented. She was also the first Moroccan woman to dare to analyze the Quran, the hadiths, and the fiqh to question, with supporting evidence, the erroneous interpretations at the root of the inequalities and discrimination suffered by Muslim women. Curious about everything, Fatéma Mernissi listened attentively to the foundations of the Moroccan street and the streets of the Arab world. She chatted with the most humble and possessed this unique curiosity to be surprised at everything, and to make the fairest and wisest interpretations of everything that may seem “normal”. She inscribed her approach in total sharing, and her home was always full, and her workshops rustled with fruitful exchanges between known and unknown authors, the young and not so young among them.

The film “Fatéma Mernissi”, the forgotten sultana could restore the incredible legacy of this extraordinary woman. And to portray the main role, the director Abderrahmane Tazi chose, after a long casting, the actress Meryem Zaïmi.