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“Fadma, a standing woman” documentary exposes discreet activism of women in the High Atlas

Written by FDM

The latest installment of the documentary series, “Les Marocains” part of ‘Des Histoires et des Hommes’ segment on 2M TV, shed light on the daily endeavor of women nearby Tahanaout region, and the silent revolution of Fadma in the heart of the High Atlas.

In a little village where, like so many others, time seems to have stopped. It’s summertime, field work is scarce. So, the men are either seated in cafes or taking a nap while the women, cans in hand, children on their back, take a long walk to the source. An age-old order and an immutable division of labor … until the arrival of Fadma.

Fadma and her husband, a native of this village, came to spend their holidays there. And without warning, Fadma, the ‘city girl’, initiates a silent revolution. Before Fadma’s arrival, the women of the village had never heard the words rest, equality, strike… Henceforth, they will start the belly-strike: as long as the men do not share the domestic chores with their wives, they will have to eat in the only café of the village.

Jawad Rhalib’s camera, discreet and respectful, captured moments of tension, flashes of tenderness, moments of doubt with modesty and admiration.

“Fadma, une femme debout” is a 2M TV co-production with Bentaqerla Production.