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Faces project: The anti-selfie proclamation of Badr Bouzoubaâ

Written by FDM

In a world dominated by images, selfies and people obsessed with taking the perfect “shot”  in the hopes of maximum “likes” and comments,  “Faces project”, the exhibition by Badr Bouzoubaâ comes to denounce the over-representation of individuals.

Filters, effects … Anything that can “show the best of our physical and mental shape, “says the photographer. The project consists of a series of black and white portraits of people- known or unknown- without any addition or embellishment, a minimalist decor. Badr Bouzoubaâ will ignore all these new steps that have shaped the rule of a successful photograph.

“The advent of social networks pushes people to display, sometimes obsessively, on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc … in their best angle and profile,” says the photographer to HuffPost Morocco . Through his project, he tackles the selfie, this “industry of self” where we post photos that improve or deform the appearance, showcase our physique but tend to make us forget the true human nature.

Behind “Faces project”, there is a whole sociological approach, a study of human behaviors, but in no way a moralistic discourse, Badr Bouzoubaâ pointed out. “I do not condemn people who take selfies, there is no judgment behind my approach, just a statement,” he says.

The idea came to him suddenly in the studio, while he was in experimenting with his friends. “I saw that when people pose in a neutral way, without wanting to go into the over-representation and to stage themselves to be beautiful and pleasant, something real emerges, very beautiful too. I decided to make a series of photos, ” read a statement relayed by Huffpost Morocco.

The exhibition is scheduled to open on Wednesday, January 17 at 7pm at Gallery 121 of the French Institute of Casablanca.  A photo studio will be available on site inviting the public to participate in the exhibition with their portrait.