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The face of a woman adorns the new banknotes in Tunisia

Written by FDM

For the first time, a woman’s face was printed on a banknote in Tunisia, it’s the face of Tawhida Ben Cheikh, the first Muslim woman to have practiced as a doctor in the Maghreb region.

A unique Tunisian banknote has made its way to the internet. Yet another step forward and a remarkable tribute from Tunisia. Indeed, the new face printed on the 10 dinar paper is that of a remarkable woman: Tawhida Ben Cheikh.

Died in 2010, the Tunisian had made history by becoming the first Muslim woman to practice as a doctor in the Maghreb region. Tawhida Ben Cheikh was also a pediatrician, then a gynecologist and a fervent activist for women’s rights, in particular the right to access to contraception and to abortion, which was legalized in 1973 in Tunisia. She had also participated in the creation of the midwifery school in the country, without forgetting her role as vice-president within the Tunisian Red Crescent. In short, by making this choice, the Central Bank of Tunisia honors both women and also health professionals who are on the front lines in this difficult period of the pandemic.