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“”, the Moroccan platform of women experts is getting a makeover

Written by FDM

A real showcase of Moroccan women’s skills, “” refreshes its visual identity and updates its functionalities to further highlight the profiles of experts in nearly 200 fields.

Launched by 2M in May 2016, “”, the first Moroccan platform dedicated to strengthening the media presence of women experts, is getting a makeover. The website’s new version improves the user experience by making it possible to quickly and more efficiently identify the sought experts. The registration process is also simplified and refined, giving the possibility to registered and validated experts to update their profiles themselves at any time.

The platform thus allows discovering profiles of women experts in nearly 200 fields, in particular through the video capsules “Parole d’Experte” highlighting profiles chosen according to the news, but also through a monthly selection.

Initially available in French, the website is now accessible in Arabic. A bilingual version that makes it possible to showcase more profiles and also meet the needs of a greater number of users. The objective is to increase the presence of women in the media and in public debate, by offering journalists and content creators an evolving database of empowered women to shed light on topical issues, particularly in politics, economy, environment, science…

“Women invest in all sectors of activity and really participate in the development of the country. However, they represent only 20% of the subjects and sources of information in the Moroccan media.», Warns Khadija Boujanoui, President of the Parity and Diversity Committee of 2M.

As a reminder, is part of 2M’s commitments in favor of the promotion of gender equality, in accordance with “The 2M charter for the enhancement of women’s image “.